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Evan’s Story

E Movement co-founder Evan Kelly’s move into the electric transportation sector is an remarkable and inspirational story. In 2007, whilst on holiday in Australia, he had a serious accident which left him paralysed. He spent over a year recovering in hospitals in Australia and Ireland.

Since his accident, Evan has been positively pushing himself to progress:

“From personal experience, I know how hard it can be to get around. When I bought my first Segway, it opened up a new life for me, and took me to places I couldn’t get to before. Far from being bitter about what happened, I actually consider myself to be a more motivated person, because my experiences have led me in many new and exciting directions.”

During his recovery, Evan had to show great resilience, perseverance and determination, and he brings those same qualities to business with his new company E Movement. But E Movement is about much more than that: positivity, having fun and an inspirational, can-do attitude are also core to the business. Evan is keen to stress that the company he founded with his father Martin and his partner Alison is about much more than mobility for disabled people.

“At E Movement, we combine our personal experience with innovative thinking to make sure our clients get the best solutions. We are real people living real lives. One of my passions with E Movement is to explain to customers how the latest developments in electric transportation open up new vistas and applications that were science fiction only a few years ago. People won’t believe some of the things they can do with this technology!”

Prior to his accident, Evan was a keen sportsman, and last season he used his Segway to help coach his local minor hurling team to its first success in many years. The Segway enabled him to be on the pitch and move around during training, and is a great example of how the technology can be used to improve lives.

“I focus on what I can do, not on what I can’t do. Of course, I was lucky in that I had fantastic support from my friends and family, but there is no doubt that the new generation of electric transport has helped me immeasurably. I am passionate about the future of electric mobility, and I want to share that enthusiasm with everyone!”