Bike to Work Scheme

Bike to Work Scheme

With the Government’s Cycle to Work Scheme, you may be entitled to save on part of the purchase price of your new electric bike. There is a limit of €1,000 per bike purchased. All of the E Movement E-Bike range is priced under this threshold. Under the scheme, your employer can pay for bicycles and bicycle equipment for you, which you then pay back through a salary deduction over up to 12 months. You are not liable for tax, PRSI, levies or the Universal Social Charge on your repayments.

As an example, if you buy a bike for €600 via your employer, they can then subtract 12 monthly repayments of €50 from your salary. Because this deduction is pre-tax, it means you effectively save 40% (€240) off the purchase price if you earn over €35,300 per year, or 20% (€120) if you earn less than this figure (salary figures apply to a single person).

Your employer may choose not to take part in the scheme, but if they do, then they must offer it to all their employees. Your employer may also have certain restrictions, for example requiring you to purchase from an approved supplier.

More details on the Cycle to Work Scheme here: https://www.revenue.ie/en/jobs-and-pensions/taxation-of-employer-benefits/cycle-to-work-scheme.aspx

Airwheel R5 E-Bike

Original price was: €975.00.Current price is: €599.00. incl. VAT

Range: 40 km
Speed: 25 km/h

An urban style folding electric bicycle. Small size and suitable for all kinds of people and uses. It’s easy handling and ease of transport make it the ideal bike for commuting. Fork with hydraulic suspension, gas rear shock absorber, alloy spokes and disc brakes. All our prices include VAT.

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