E Movement FAQs

Please find below answer to some common questions we get. If you don’t see an answer to your question, please contact us. We’ll get back to you shortly!

No. You can use a standard plug to charge all E Movement products.
Each E Movement product carries a rating for charging time and range. In our experience, charging is rarely an issue. Most batteries have a more than sufficient range, and charging can be done overnight, or during the day in an office for commuters.
Battery technology has made huge advances in recent time, and the majority of batteries now have a lifespan which is counted in many years.
Yes! You can save up to 51% on the price of an E-Bike with the Cycle to Work Scheme. Contact us with the details of your employer, and we will organise the necessary paperwork.
All of our products are fun and easy to use, but it is essential that people ride them responsibly. We recommend that users, especially children, wear appropriate safety gear like a cycling helmet, gloves and elbow / knee pads. If you are using the products at night, it is common sense to have lights and to wear reflective clothing.