Ninebot eKickScooter Zing C20 Kids e-Scooter

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Range: 20 km
Speed: 16 km/h
Charge time: 4 hours

The Zing C20 is the first electric scooter that Segway has designed specifically for Kids (14yr olds+). Although the  Zing C20 is intended as a toy and is not designed for commuting, Segway-Ninebot has not compromised quality but has instead placed extra emphasis on safety.

One ride and 3 driving modes

Safe mode, slow but sure
With a maximum speed of up to 10 km / h, Safe mode is ideal for beginners. Acceleration of the throttle is very smooth (indicator light flashes quickly).

Turbo mode for adventurers!
For more adventurous children, the Turbo mode can accelerate to approx. 16 km / h. Throttle acceleration is faster (indicator light stays on).

Cruise mode, bounce and go!
Thanks to the Power Assist mode, children only need a bounce and accelerate up to 16 km / h (the indicator light flashes slowly).

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